Episode 76:How To Be Authentic

There are so many people that do things because of money. I see it all the time. They either get a job because they need money. They need a man because they need a roof over their heads or dinner. Maybe they want a Rolex, maybe a necklace, maybe a dinner with a nice bottle of wine. I’ve seen it all. I have seen it all and people have tried to give me it all. You do not want to have to actually sell yourself for that the way that you are able to be completely authentic, either in a relationship, or a job or any of these other things is to always ensure that you can take 100% responsibility and finance your own way in life. You do not ever want to sell your soul to the devil.

Recently, I’ve learned about narcissists. These people are really super scary.
I didn’t even know what that word meant until I met one.  This person thought they can control me with trinkets.

Can you believe it? After I actually said who I was and what I did, but a narcissist never hears anything you say, no. 

Why? Because they only hear themselves.

Now, I’m very fortunate that I’ve come all this way. I was very naive. I have never met a narcissist before, but I have come to learn that the way you can say bye-bye to these people I mean, really say “To the left, To the left.. [put] everything you own in the box to the left”  (like in  Beyonce’s song  Irreplaceable) is by ensuring that you never ever, ever, ever need them.

Not to put a roof over your head. Not to put food on your plate. Not to have nice things.

Make sure that you become financially free, either in a job or in a relationship. I’m talking to men and women you don’t ever want to be in that relationship in which somebody feels that they can control you with either a paycheck or an allowance or by shopping at Costco or with a trinket.

Make sure that you are always 100% financially free.

Set boundaries let everyone know who you are and become authentic.

Be your authentic self. I’m NOT saying to be rude. I’m  NOT saying to be unappreciative. I have been given many, gifts and I do appreciate all of those gifts. Yes, I do. But I don’t ever want anyone to feel as though that they are buying me and compromising my integrity and you don´t want that either.

So make sure you become financially free. Don’t ever allow anyone to compromise your integrity. The way you do that is to ensure that you are financially independent, not to say you do not rely upon your place of employment or your significant other but you.

You can do that by learning the 10 steps to achieve financial freedom within my book Escape The Madness The 10 steps To Get Out Of The Rat Race.

God bless,



  1. Nyla

    Can I simply just say what a relief to find someone that truly understands what they’re discussing on the net. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you are not more popular given that you surely have the gift.

    1. Gena Lofton

      Thank you part of the reason I am NOT is that I haven’t tried to reach more people in the past but this year I will focus on spreading my word of financial freedom to more as I want everyone to have it if they want to do so. Thanks for your comments.

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