Episode 73 : James Lambridis – Need Help with Your Debt?

I love debt. I am the queen of debt but the debt that I like is mortgage debt, which is a different type of debt and I call that the good debt.

James is here to help us understand how to get rid of the bad debt. Because you can’t get into the good debt that I have unless you actually tackle bad debt.

What is Bad Debt?

When we talk about debt, we are talking of high-interest debt, like credit card debt, medical bills, and student loans. These are the types of bad debt that hold people back when they are trying to achieve their financial goals.

Before DebtMD, if somebody wanted to resolve these bad debts, there were four main ways you can go about doing it:

  • Consolidating the loan by getting a new loan. The goal is to get a lower interest rate, pay off the high-interest debt and just pay the new loan.
  • Credit counseling where you’ll go to an agency who tries to help you, negotiate with your creditors a lower interest rate and a new payment plan, usually three to five years and then you’re debt-free.
  • Debt settlement. However, this will actually negatively impact your credit score. This is bad for people who’ve already fallen behind, or they’re going to fall behind in the near future.
  • The last resort is bankruptcy, which obviously that involves attorneys going to court and the goal is to pay back as little as possible.

Before DebtMD, if somebody wanted to compare each of those options, they would have to go back and from a loan company to a credit counseling agency, to a debt settlement company to a bankruptcy attorney, so obviously, that process costs the consumer time and money which naturally they don’t have being in debt. So with DebtMD, they are actually able to go to one platform, compare each of these options, weigh the pros and the cons, figure out which one is best for their situation, and choose the best one with confidence.

James Lambridis – Founder/CEO of DebtMD

Upon graduating from college, James worked in the debt relief industry, advising clients on their best option(s) for becoming debt-free. When he is not helping people regain their financial freedom, you can find James reading, playing basketball, and traveling to his native Greek island of Karpathos. He devotes much of his time to assisting Greek organizations, both domestic and abroad. James has a degree in Finance from Penn State University and is an MBA candidate at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

His company website is https://www.debtmd.com



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