Episode 54: Gary Rahman – Escape Poverty and Grow Generational Wealth

Gary Rahman describes his upbringing in Chicago with a single mom. When he was ten he realized he wanted a better future for his children. Although his mother suffered from depression and had a lot of financial difficulties she always encouraged him. Gary says the universe has a way of answering your call.

For him, there has always been a lot of self-determination and persistence. The real crux of his message is that people need to get out of their own way.

When the recession hit it was tough for him. He remembers a friend of his was able to do well in spite of the recession and was able to get good deals because he had cash. For Gary, he was bleeding money, and his business suffered, and he lost a great deal of wealth. Afterward, his mother passed away, and he had to deal with a dark period one in which he had to look within to come up with the answers. Failure is essential, you need to learn from your mistakes. It’s much worse to fail to try, than to fail while trying. We have to illuminate our weak areas so we can improve on them.

He says, “Success is really between your ears. We all possess the power to do what we will.” Often we don’t honestly believe it, and sometimes we don’t truly put the work in. The no-limit zone is where all the magic starts to happen.

What we say we want in life the universe will attract to us. Often what results may be confusing, and there may be some obstacles to overcome. You have to break through to the other side of what we want, and you need the right mindset.

A lot of it has to do with whom you surround yourself with. A good understanding of finances and markets is beneficial. One needs to learn the methods of gaining wealth. Learning and working towards your goals every day is vital.

Gary has a book “Back From Hell and the Devil Didn’t Win” which you can find through his website.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• Education and life-long learning are important.
• Staying focused and work toward your goals.
• Don’t be afraid to fail, you will learn important lessons.

About Our Guest

Gary owns and manages residential and commercial real estate in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. He has experience in the renovation and management of a variety of properties types, including small and multi-unit apartment buildings. His team also has expertise in architecture and financial planning, enabling his company to be a full-service property and investment management provider for a diverse clientele.

In addition to focusing on the success of individual clients, Gary is committed to changing communities. The company is engaged in developing housing for low to medium income families and renovating formerly abandoned buildings to improve the landscape and change the dynamics of urban neighborhoods.

Gary Rahman is the managing member of QLI and a Principal in several other companies. Gary’s roots in property management began in hotel management, where he developed a dedication to service that is evident in his customer relations today. With an educational background in both architecture and financial planning, Gary combines the sound knowledge and skills needed to provide in-depth consulting to QLI clients. Gary is also a motivational speaker, author, and radio host.

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