Episode 50: Charlie Jordan Brookins – Faith, Food, and Fitness

I would like you all to meet Charlie, she is the founder of Fit Thru Faith and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Health Coach. She wants to help you make the connection between faith, food, and fitness.

She started out at North Western University and then she got her MBA and ended up in the entertainment business. She was a film director and then a development executive and then she left entertainment as senior vice president of programming for a cable network. She has always liked being a Health and Wellness specialist. It helped her to be sustainable in her career.

Going out on your own is entirely different from the safety of the corporate world, and it takes a little while to get started. Having passive income would be a great benefit to starting a business. She recommends that if you have a professional career, you should consider the advantages of that strategy.

When she was young, she learned that food affects your energy level. She has had a spiritual calling to help people and work with them on their journey to find meaning. She says, “Once you realize that you have a purpose in this world, you will understand that you need your health to support it.”

She recommends people start by reading the labels on food. The information is there, but most don’t pay much attention to it. You want food items with short ingredient lists. If you can’t pronounce those ingredients, you should be concerned. If you eat good food, then your body has no problem using it.

Diets often fail after a while because of limited willpower and most are not sustainable. Fit Thru Faith is a spiritual journey. The first thing is to connect to a purpose bigger than yourself and know that you have an impact on this world.

She says, “There are five ‘mores’ that people should be doing. Beginning with more plants… they are healing so eat more vegetables, also drink more water, we need water and avoid some of those sugary beverages. Lastly get more physical activity which makes everything stronger and slows down the aging process. Finally, do more home cooking for yourself and get more sleep. If you are not getting seven to nine hours of sleep, you need to figure out why.

Please visit her website to find out more: fitthrufaith.com.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• Finding your life purpose is important.
• Food choices affect your energy level.
• Check the labels on food items.
• Learn her five “mores” for optimum health.

About Our Guest
Charlie Jordan Brookins was born and raised in Chicago and now resides in Los Angeles. She comes from a family of preachers. She is a Certified Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Multi-tasking Mom. Previously she worked as a director and then became a senior executive at BET a cable network. She recently choose to leave the entertainment media world and pursue who passion of helping others. You can find out more about her services at fitthrufaith.com

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