Episode 43: Gena Lofton – Build Wealth Faster by Reducing Your Taxes To Well Under 20 Percent

Earlier this week Tax Returns or Extensions were due in the United States. So, Gena dedicated this weeks episode to the various ways you can generate income and the different tax rates for each type of income.

She learned this from the book “Cash-Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki which explains the four (4) different ways that income is produced and the corresponding tax rates for each side of the quadrant.

People on the left-side of the quadrant can pay the highest tax rates of (40%) or more, depending upon their income level. Those on the Left Side are Employees and/or Self-employed people. Most people start on the Left side of the quadrant. However, those on the Right side of the quadrant who are Business Owners and/or Investors can pay as little as 0% to 20% in taxes.

Which side would you rather earn your income, Left or Right?

Unfortunately, this is NOT taught in our school system as the school system cannot teach what it doesn’t know so it only teaches one to get a JOB and never teaches you that income from a JOB is the highest taxed income. This is exactly why the Rich Don’t work for money.

It is also why most people will never be able to stop working for money. Because most people OWN zero assets. Assets are owned exclusively by those on the right side of the quadrant. Those assets generate Income. It’s the income from those assets which enables one to stop working for money. Thus, that is why 95% of the wealth is created on the Right Side of the quadrant yet 95% of the population is on the Left Side of the quadrant.

Those on the left side of the quadrant can use the tax code and do what the government wants which would allow them to move from the left side to the right side. This is exactly how Gena became Financially Free and today she helps others who want to learn.

The earlier in life one moves to the right side of the quadrant, the greater chance they have of building significant wealth. Each year saved on taxes is another year more assets can be acquired and increase in value, thus compounding the wealth building effect.

Gena says, “If anyone is paying more than twenty percent of their income in taxes they just need to move to the right side of the quadrant and become more patriotic.” Then, once you are on the right side you would be rewarded with a lower tax bill as you would be doing more of what the government wants of its citizens.

There are many ways in which you can achieve lower taxes, just do what the government wants and that is to provide value to society. He who provides the greatest value pays the least amount of taxes as a percentage of their income. It’s really that simple, yet seldom understood as a result of our lack of receiving a financial education.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

• Save on taxes and build wealth faster by moving to the right side of the quadrant as early in life as possible.
• Those who are on the left side of the quadrant will always pay the highest percentage of their total income in taxes.
• Think of taxes as government incentives and you need to figure out what they want and then do that and you’ll be rewarded by paying a lower amount in taxes resulting in having greater wealth overall.

About Gena Lofton
Gena is a full-time professional investor and an expert in Robert Kiyosaki principals and has been building and/or buying assets exclusively for the past decade and lives exclusively off the income of her assets. To learn how this works, you can enroll in the complimentary masterclass.


  1. Carl Mcknight

    Great show Gena! You had some really good nuggets of info today. Keep up the good work.

    1. Gena Lofton

      Thanks Carl, appreciate the feedback.

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