Episode 27: Buck Joffrey – Making Money In Life Insurance

Buck Joffrey is a medical doctor, asset manager, and podcaster. He defines wealth as the freedom to do what you want with your time. His show is another tool that can help you create multiple streams of income that do not involve trading more of your time.

He is a surgeon of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and head/neck surgery until he retired from the field at 42. He started a podcast to teach highly educated professionals that are missing out on the means to capitalize on real wealth. There is a clear lack of education in this area.

His podcast is an informational one and is focused on Accredited Investors. They discuss opportunities in tax mitigation and asset classes. His background is in entrepreneurship, and he says that while this is not for everyone there can be tremendous advantages. Moving to the passive side of the cash-flow quadrant by becoming a business investor can really bring benefits.

He has recently become involved with “life settlements” which is a less talked about asset class in the life insurance industry. He says, “People buy life insurance that they often let expire and many don’t know they could sell that policy. So instead of just getting a cash value, they might get a lot more by changing the beneficiary.” They buy these policies for around half and have created an investment fund to consolidate these insurance benefits.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• Highly paid professionals can gain benefits from becoming business investors.
• Life settlements are a way of profiting from those that wish to sell life insurance policies.
• There is a lack of education amongst professionals and the public.

About Our Guest
Buck Joffrey is an entrepreneur, asset manager, and podcaster. He has enjoyed a great deal of success through his businesses and investments. In order to help his professional colleagues, he started a financial education website called which serves as home base for the Wealth Formula Podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and at his site: http://www.wealthformula.com. Through a strong foundation of financial education and emphasis on cash flow investing, he teaches professionals how to take charge of their investments and prosper.

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