Episode 25: Gaining Knowledge Rapidly in any Industry/Asset Class

So many people inquire how I am able to learn about an industry/asset class. One way is by attending the leading industry conferences. The dominate conference is that of Cambridge House International lead by Jay Martin. Therefore, while in Vancouver I was able to spend time with Jay to let him share more about his company and how you can benefit.

Jay discusses how the Cambridge House company got started as the Diamond Investment Conference in 1993 by his father Joe Martin. He took over the reins from his father in 2010 and expanded the business during the Bear Market. His team works very hard to make things work in one of the worst markets. Their operation is very lean and efficient.

This year they have 333 booths and companies in attendance at the Vancouver Conference. Today they have three different mining and investment conferences each year with one in San Francisco. They have technology conferences as well in Vancouver and Toronto.

He describes the unique challenges in taking over the family business and how he has a very good relationship with his father who still attends the shows. As a child entrepreneurship was a big thing in his family however many people didn’t understand what that meant during the 90’s. People would assume that being an entrepreneur meant his father was unemployed.

He provides us with some tips for investing. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype around the technology and blockchain space. The mining sector, on the other hand, has been beaten down for so long that investors are far more cautious and gradually growing more optimistic. In the venture market, it’s important to meet the CEO’s of these companies and ask your questions. Find out who you are investing with and get to know the management.

I welcome anyone to subscribe to Cambridge House International to get notified of their industry conferences if you want to learn more about the natural resources and technology assets classes via this link. All of the presentations and talks are hosted on their website from their speaker halls.

About Our Guest

Jay Martin is President and CEO of Cambridge House International Inc. located in Vancouver, BC. He has a bachelors degree in business and tourism from Capilano University.

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