Episode 24: An Aussie Real Estate Investor Dominating the US Multifamily Apartment Sector

Reed Goossens founded RSN Property Group here in the US and has been hitting it out the ballpark.

Reed compares the various real estate markets of the United States with his home country of Australia. He really encourages Americans to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to those in the United States.

He has focused on second-tier properties in cities where there are strong demographics and productivity. These are places like Texas, North Carolina, and parts of Arizona. He has a background in structural engineering and project management which has helped him build a successful business.

He is involved in several significant apartment building acquisitions. They look for properties that have been well maintained and held for long periods of time in areas with strong demand. They want 90% occupancy and buildings that can get good financing options through Freddie and Fannie.

They keep rents just below market norms and in line with the typical economic conditions of the region. Occupancy is key to maintain cash flow, and reduce risk and for that reason, they do renovations gradually as they are not looking to displace tenants.

They are a syndicator and are often looking for accredited investors that are willing to invest $50k or more. Some of their deals are available to regular investors. Each prospect is transaction specific, and he recommends that individuals diversify across asset classes. He explains the ways they structure the returns and profits while offsetting risks.

He discusses the various ways they underwrite their properties and what precautions they take to ensure the ability to service loans should the economy turn. It’s important to be prepared for a worst-case scenario mainly with real estate markets and debt. He likes to look at things from a glass half full perspective. You have to be choosy and pick the best opportunities that are available.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Many opportunities exist for investors that are not as available in the rest of the world.
• They focus on tier two properties such as apartments in areas with good economies.
• For tax purposes, you do want to find ways to depreciate your assets against your income.
• It’s important to consider various risk factors when using debt.

About Our Guest

Reed Goossens is a serial real estate entrepreneur and founder of RSN Property Group. As a native Australian, Reed moved to the US to pursue his investing career. A qualified structural engineer and project manager, Reed has been involved in construction and real estate since 2007. Reed’s expertise includes project management, property development, and key stakeholder management. Reed is involved in the development and acquisition of over $500 million worth of real estate and infrastructure across four continents; Australia, North America, Europe and South East Asia. After gaining valuable experience working in the engineering and construction industry, Reed decided to pursue his passion for real estate development and investing by starting RSN Property Group. Throughout recent years Reed has developed his portfolio of stable cash flow investment properties. He believes now is the time to enhance and utilize the power of syndication investing in purchasing apartment communities. Reed’s commitment to the development of a structured, systemized approach to researching, acquiring and managing investments provides the basis for RSN’s sound operating system.

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