Episode 23: The Lancaster Men – Successful Investing like the Amish/Mennonite

Gena introduces three amazing men from Lancaster, Pa. They are Peter Zook, Marcus Zook, and Matt Byler. They are all investors in several asset classes and successfully run businesses.

Peter is in the storage and garage manufacturing business, and he works with his four brothers and his father. They each have different roles in the company and various investing strategies. He works in the dispatching and permits side of the business where he coordinates with customers. As an investor, he invests in real estate and junior mining.

Mark works in the office with the family. His primary source of income is from the business. He takes that money and invests in real estate for the tax benefits. He likes the junior mining space as the real estate market is pretty hot. He is also excited about the crypto space.

Matt grew up Amish on a dairy farm; he points out that he only has an eighth-grade education. He now has a trucking business and delivers the types of buildings that the Zook family builds. Real estate has worked very well for him for cash flow, but the junior mining gives you a real chance to multiply your money.

Much of the Amish life is focused on the farm, and the philosophy is hands-on work is the best quality of schooling. At fourteen they started working on constructing the building and then when they get their drivers license they were helping set them up onsite. They have quite the work ethic. The company currently has around 80 employees from the community. The Amish community does not pay into social security, they are legally exempt, as the community takes care of their own and they do it very well.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• They diversify across multiple asset classes.
• They all work in Lancaster, Pa and work with family and high-quality people.
• Amish are exempt from Social Security as the social structure takes care of their own.
• You should focus on what your good at and where your interests lie.

About Our Guests
Peter and Mark along with their family all work for Stoltzfus Structures which is a garage and shed building business in Pennsylvania. They build many different types of small structures everything from Gazebos to Pool houses. The entire family is all avid investors in numerous asset classes including junior mining and real estate.

Matt has a farm as well as a trucking company in which he moves small structures like the ones built by Stoltzfus. He also invests in real estate and junior mining.

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