Episode 21: Bill Sheriff – Golden Predator

Bill discusses the company Golden Predator where he is chairman and his wife is C.E.O. They both work in different parts of the company. He focuses on geology while she handles the corporate affairs. He discusses their Three Aces Project located in the Yukon.

At the project, they have added a lot of infrastructure over the past couple of years including 20km of roads, a bridge, and a new camp. This is to reach areas and confirm the previous owner’s findings. The property has 13 square kilometers of anomalies, and they have drilled 300 holes as part of the exploration.

Mr. Sheriff has two geology degrees and handles the technical details. His wife also works with the First Nation communities in the region. They are a big part of the population where they work, and it’s important to create lasting value. For that reason, they have a very proactive position with these groups to help create business opportunities. He says, “Many of the permitting issues companies have are often caused by the companies themselves.”

They have spent a lot of time and money doing drilling and sampling. They learned much about the mineralization on the site and have continued to focus on a 3 square kilometer section. They have identified a thrust fault which shows a lot of potential. They see three similar structures in that area and have discovered multiple veins. They have been doing work to prove up their resource. The more you learn about geology, the easier it gets to understand mother nature.

Their priority is to delineate the size and scope of the resource find. You can find more details on their website which is goldenpredator.com and they have a number of short videos about the project.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• Gold Exploration in Northern Canada
• Done a lot of drilling and improved infrastructure to the mine.
• Worked closely with First Nation Communities.
• Continuing to explore the scope and size of the resource.

About Our Guest
William M. Sheriff, MSC is Executive Chairman of Golden Predator. He is an entrepreneur and visionary with over 30 years’ experience in the minerals industry and the securities industry. Mr. Sheriff was the founder and previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Predator Corp. Prior to founding Golden Predator Corp. Mr. Sheriff was a pioneer in the uranium renaissance as co-founder and Chairman of Energy Metals Corp., and was responsible for compiling the largest domestic uranium resource base in US history before the company was acquired by Uranium One Corp for $1.8 Billion. Mr. Sheriff also serves as Chairman of enCore Energy Corp. Mr. Sheriff co-founded and previously served as Chairman of Till Capital and EMC Metals Corp., and as a Director of Western Lithium USA Inc., Uranium One Inc., Midway Gold Corp., Eurasian Minerals Inc. and Starcore International Mines Ltd. Mr. Sheriff was also a registered representative, holding positions with A.G.Edwards and Mitchum Jones and Templeton, in addition to having his own securities firm. Mr. Sheriff holds a B.Sc degree (Geology) from Fort Lewis College, Colorado and an MSc in Mining Geology from the University of Texas-El Paso and owns one of the largest privately held mining databases in the world.

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