Episode 18: Laura Stein – The God Mother of Mining

Laura Stein is the most amazing woman. I gave her the nickname of “The God Mother” of mining. I have a philosophy that if you want to know about an industry, go find the one who is the most informed and connected. Well, that is Laura Stein. I am honored that she allowed me to spend a few moments interviewing her while in San Francisco. Laura rarely does interviews, so this was a very special treat and once you hear Laura’s story about how she got involved with mining it will make your hair stand up on your arms. Here is just a brief synopsis of what I was fortunate to gather from our conversation.

Laura’s father was originally from Russia near Romania. Before WW2, his family had over a hundred relatives, and after the war, only four remained. Those four managed to escape to Switzerland and then onto Israel. They were able to do so by using gold to bribe the military. As a child, she viewed gold as a safety net and has always had an interest in it.

It’s been her best investment, and she has kept purchasing it whenever she had spare funds. She says, “It’s been an excellent investment to pass down to her children and grandchildren.” She learned economics from her husband who was an economics major that went on to work with Anna Schwartz and Alan Greenspan.

Laura has regularly attended resource conferences and highly recommends that is the best place to get yourself educated. Conferences allow you to meet people, and that is the best tool to find the opportunities. Additionally, one can learn easily from YouTube as well as this information is available to everyone since the internet as the barrier to knowledge is nonexistent.

She recommends checking out things for yourself, visiting companies and checking out management. There is a lot of value in information.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Laura discusses her family history and how Gold was instrumental to allow her family to escape to Israel before WW2.
• Conferences are a great resource to learn and connect with people
• Laura’s husband was instrumental in recommending that she attend conferences as he had a rich background in Economics working for Alan Greenspan and others.

About Our Guest
Laura Stein is the God Mother of Mining.

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