Coronavirus Financial Armageddon Mitigation Checklist updated 3/27/2020

Coronavirus Financial Armageddon Mitigation Plan Checklist – see revisions by date last update-3/27/2020 V2 – Urgent

  • I think the curve would stop if we synchronized following the rules in any given region , otherwise it has to continue rolling.  so follow these rules until Easter Sunday and self isolate until 4/12/2020 and distance yourself as many in LA are NOT and maybe we can go back to church if we follow the rules beginning 4/1/2020 to 4/12/2020, please share so everyone gets this no later than 3/31/2020, so this can end.  I am a touchy person and can’t live like the Europeans that is why Italy suffered the most pain.  

  • Implement the Financial Freedom Formula (See below) which you can learn via my book, Escape the Madness,;
  • WHY Are so many Around the globe having financial difficulties when my book was written in 2015 and we have had over a decade of free money, can someone explain this by commenting below? (3/27/2020)
  • Stop all fake news get the truth via this link;
  • Evaluate Your Financial Statement(s);
  • Increase Your Revenue/Cash ASAP, (see example below);
  • Decrease Expenses;
  • Implement Cash Management Best Practices;
  • Close financials on-time each monthly/quarterly (3/26/2020);
  • Send temporary hardship letters to your creditors;
  • Expect to get margin calls;
  • Get shopping list and begin buying deals.  See this, I bought and sold and made over 200% in 24 hours which you can learn how to do in my book.  Building up cash is  vital.  Guess what I still own 50% of the shares.  I love my formula.(3/26/2020).  

  • Apply for all the Financial Assistance as necessary – as an Employer apply for loans immediately to continue making payroll;
  • Begin Cash Out Refinance(s) if your LTVs are 60% or less with 90% or more occupancy, if possible as you may have missed this window but it will resume and once it does I will share what I find in the market;
  • File US Tax Returns if owed a refund;
  • Extend filing of US Tax Returns if you owe money;
  • Draw on retirement savings and Pay Day Loans as last resort;
  • If you cannot pay your Rent Notify Your landlord to create payment plan, Don’t Let it roll over
  • Send Tenants Letter(s) to Apply for renter assistance programs;
  • Develop payment plans options for your tenants;
  • Work with your mortgage lenders to determine their moratoriums/Forbearance/Debt Restructuring policies;
  • Adjust Bank Accounts so they are below the FDIC $250k, Limit
  • Consult with a Bankruptcy Attorney to Explore Your Options
  • If you have a Zombie/Ponzi Scheme company begin liquidation as you can’t continue without real revenue;
  • So much noise, so be careful about anyone raising money as you don’t want to be swindled (3/26/2020)
  • Remain calm…….Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. (5 Ps).
  • If you live in an abusive relationship, get out as domestic violence is rising (3/26/2020);
  • It’s a good time to hire as I expect lots of talent for a better price and highly skilled will come to the market soon now that unemployment is rising  (3/26/2020)
  • Learn how to buy/build assets inside my book, Escape the Madness as this is who gets the welfare and who doesn’t (3/27/2020) excerpt from Branch Law firm;

  • Stop asking DUMB question such as “Is ATT Essential” as you wouldn’t be reading this without ATT, dumb stupid stuff NOW is counter productive, so please STOP.(3/27/2020), 
  • Ask for debt forgiveness on that worthless Ivy league education (3/27/2020);
  • Stay inside so we clean this up by Easter so I can open the LA Sofi stadium on time to get the NFL players on the field as I need LAX open ASAP.  (3/27/2020)
  • Cleanse thyself immediately from practicing the 7 deadly sins. (3/27/2020);
  • Donate via the link below to get tax write-off.  You owe this if you are making money in my hood.  I am proud of my home where I was born and a homeless foster.  See links below.  to sing my song about my hood and I almost died working to give you the NFL Sunday Ticket for 10 years each Sunday and you better hope & pray to get it back on time.  want it back then execute this plan.  No more BS.  I could never tell my boss at DIRECTV no  so donate hear and pray that we succeed;(3/28/2020);
  • Don’t Forget to Implement the Steps In Financial Freedom Formula (See below) which you can learn via my book, Escape the Madness;

Contact me at if you need any of the documents mentioned above.

Comment below if you have any suggestions to add to the above list and/or is this of value as I am thinking about using this time to write Escape the Madness, II, for release in 2020.  

Seeking an agent now, so let me know if you know of anyone I can hire as I have a few calls out to a few next month and want to finalize selection.

Good Luck.

Gena Lofton  

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      Thanks for the feedback, this has been crazy so I am updating this daily, you may want to share with your audience.

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