Episode 68: Barry Samson – Combating Depression – Part 2 – The Solution

This is the 2nd part video series where Barry shares his solution to Depression. You can watch part 1 via this link.

Just a reminder, Barry is a passionate advocate for emotional health and knows, from the inside, this thing we have come to call depression and in his own words was blessed with a nervous breakdown. He says he lost a war with his nervous system and its emotional messengers and won a life full of the things he loves.

In this episode, he will discuss the following:

The solution to Depression;
An event he is hosting on November 23 that the audience can watch virtually and how you can benefit;
What is a pod;
The Pod Process;
He will share what is a metaphor that captures what the pod process does?
Want to attend the upcoming event scheduled for November 23rd and/or learn more about Barry? Then visit his website via this link.

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