Episode 67: Barry Samson – Combating Depression with Barry Samson – Part 1

Are you suffering from Depression? If so, you don’t want to miss this show where I am interviewing my good friend Barry Samson. Barry was born in the North of Saskatchewan Canada –an 8-hour drive straight north of Billings Montana. He is a father of 2 girls, a businessman and a certified professional co-active coach. He was a professional hunting guide and outfitter for 33 years in the Canadian North and now occupies his time bringing something meaningful to people’s emotional lives. Barry is a passionate advocate for emotional health and knows, from the inside, this thing we have come to call depression and in his own words was blessed with a nervous breakdown. He says he lost a war with his nervous system and its emotional messengers and won a life full of the things he loves.

Here is a summary of what you will learn in the interview with Barry:

Barry’s educational and professional background.
Barry’s definition of depression?
How would he define a nervous breakdown?
What does he mean when he says he lost a war with his nervous system and won a life full of the things he loves?
What did his experience teach him about emotional life?
If we were to get really honest right now and hold nothing back, what does he think we are doing wrong when it comes to emotional life and what is the solution?
Is there a connection between what we are seeing and our school shootings here in the United States?
He is hosting an event on November 23 that the audience can watch virtually, he will tell me more about this event and how you can benefit?
What is a pod and what is the pod process?
He mentioned to me that he uses metaphor’s in his work. He will share what is a metaphor that captures what the pod process does?
Want to attend the upcoming event scheduled for November 23rd and/or learn more about Barry? Then visit his website via this link.

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